Food + moisture properties

1: Drink 1.5 litres per day. For example, take a 0.5 litre bottle with you when you go out.

2: Regularly drink a cup of green tea.

3: Eat enough greens.

4: Apples, grapefruit and fresh pineapple promote fat burning.

5: Eat fish regularly. For example: Cod, salmon, and a salt herring.

These are standard tips, but they are very important. The Cups luckily provide a quick result, motivating you to make changes in your eating pattern. Of course, I can tell you what you can and cannot eat and drink, but I think everyone knows that already and, after all, you only live once! Having a glass of wine and a fried snack should still be possible.

Skin care

1: Take alternating cold and hot showers or rinse with cold water after your shower. This shock effect improves the blood flow.

2: Scrub your skin regularly, with a sisal glove and make your own coffee scrub! Take two hands full of ground coffee, add warm water until you have a firm substance and massage this in a circular movement on a moist skin. All cellulite gels and creams contain caffeine, and this allows you to apply directly on the skin and will help reduce your cellulite. Use it no more than once a week and use in the bathroom, to avoid coffee grinds being scattered throughout.

4: Use your favourite cellulite gel or cream after a massage with the cups. Before doing so, first rinse off the massage oil. It is best to apply this before sleeping, allowing your skin to recover during the night and the gel or cream to be effective.

5: Regularly use a soothing body lotion or gel during the day. A skin that is well taken care of always looks better.

6: Protect the skin against the sun. Not only do you run the risk of skin cancer, but your skin loses its firmness if you don't use sun protection in the sun and you can get pigmentation spots.


1: Try to engage in sports twice a week for at least 45 minutes.

2: Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

3: You can use a step counter or calories burner to give you additional motivation.

4: Do your shopping walking if possible.

5: If possible take the bike to school or work.

6: Choose a training centre where you friends do sports; you can motivate each other.

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